Vinnie Vincent is a Legendary Guitarist who is best known as being a member of the iconic rock band KISS from 1982-84, replacing original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. Vincent co-wrote 3 songs on KISS’ seminal comeback album “Creatures Of The Night,” and toured the world with the band in support of the album, playing the biggest shows of their career, including to 137,000 people in Rio. He then went on to co-write 8 songs on “Lick It Up,” the first album KISS released after taking the make-up off, and tour the world in support. After departing from KISS, Vinnie went on to form the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, signing a $4 million/8 album deal with Chrysalis. The first Vinnie Vincent Invasion album went on to be Chysalis’ fast-selling debut album in history. Returning to write again with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Vinnie co-wrote three songs (including the first two singles) on their “Revenge” album.

Before joining KISS, Vinnie played with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Felix Cavaliere (The Rascals) in the band Treasure. In a 2017 interview, Cavaliere reminisced about working with Vinnie: “[The] guy really played his tail off and is really a great guitarist… He [can] play anything. The metal part is what he’s known for, but when I saw him, he could play anything you put in front of him – whether it be Flamenco or Folk. He’s a really talented guy.”

In 2018, legendary guitar luthier Grover Jackson said, “What comes to mind for me about Vinnie is how incredibly musical he is…He’s a great guitar player, [and can play anything in any style,] but, more importantly for me is how wonderfully musical Vinnie is. I think that was the great contribution that he made to KISS.”

As a songwriter and guitar player, Vinnie has played with everyone from KISS to Laura Nyro to Felix Cavaliere to The Bangles to John Waite (who Vinnie co-wrote the hit song “Tears” for).

In 2018, the rock world was abuzz as Vinnie made a triumphant return to the public and stage at the sold-out Atlanta KISS Expo where over 1,000 fans packed the room to see the guitar hero.