Rehab is an American rock/rap group that was formed in Warner Robins, Georgia. Rehab has released several major albums throughout the years and they are coming back in 2019 with new music.  The release of their November 2018 video for their single “Grizzly Bear” signaled to fans that Danny (Alexander) Boone hasn’t lost touch with what made Rehab great. 

Rehab’s major label debut, Southern Discomfort, sold hundreds of thousands of units, and produced such hits as “Sittin’ At A Bar”, “It Don’t Matter” (Modern Rock Top 20), “Rattle My Cage”, and featured such guests as Cee-Lo, Goodie Mob, Steaknife, and Cody Chestnutt.  “Sittin’ at a Bar” has had over 100 million streams with over 60 million cumulative plays on YouTube alone.

Over the years the configuration of the group has taken on different forms around the vocal stylings of Danny Boone.  Artist Jericho has joined Rehab and proved himself a vital piece of Rehab as they rolled out “Grizzly Bear” and 2019 release of Rehab’s newest album “Galaga”.