The Band
Graham Oliver Steve Dawson
OLIVER/DAWSON SAXON in its current form started from a 1995 reunion of SON OF A BITCH with Graham Oliver, Steve Dawson, Pete Gill and new recruits Haydn Conway and Ted Bullet.

SON OF A BITCH itself first started life as SOB (a name inspired by the FREE album Tons Of Sobs) back in the mid-1970’s in the South Yorkshire area of England with original members Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson. Playing the Working Men’s Clubs and pubs during a time of economic slump and hardship made it very difficult to make any headway in the music business. Finding the money to record a demo tape involved all sorts of ingenious money-making scams, and travelling around the local area to gigs was done on a strict budget. SOB’s original singer left the band, and while actively auditioning for a replacement Steve heard a demo tape made by another local band called COAST. This band were also going through a musician shortage, and only the bass player and guitarist remained active. The bassist sang on a few of the demo tracks and was invited to audition. Biff Byford was offered the job but he insisted that his guitarist Paul Quinn joined as well. “I though he was a good singer, but he wanted to play bass as well, and that’s what we had for the first gig, two guitarists and two bass players. It was ridiculous!” remarked Graham. Finally the line-up was completed by Pete Gill who had just finished touring Europe with the Glitter Band, and SOB started pushing hard for recognition.

This period in musical history was governed by Punk, Heavy Metal was just beginning to break through and their gigs were often performed to Punk audiences. SOB played alongside HEAVY METAL KIDS and supported THE CLASH and other big Punk bands. “HEAVY METAL KIDS were great. They were our biggest influence then, you can hear it come through on songs like ‘Big Teaser’.” said Graham Oliver. This Punk influence took one step further when at a gig in London it was suggested that they stretch the name of SOB to SON OF A BITCH for it’s hard-hitting image. With names like THE SEX PISTOLS doing their best to shock, SON OF A BITCH seemed quite acceptable, however this was not the case.